A powerful tool for scanning or composing documents from existing files right into a document library.
flagOCR (text recognition) for 56 languages flagProperties recognition (Zonal OCR) flagBarcode recognition flagDocument Separator Sheets
flag Support for all SharePoint versions: SharePoint Online and "on-premises"; SharePoint 2010, 2013 and 2016
Document Preview extends and leverages SharePoint preview capabilities by embedding pure HTML power viewers for dozens file types.
flagGraphical preview of the document content flagDozens of the supported file types flagExtended preview panes and navigation controls flagFloating Stickers flagHighest security level
The Plugin adds extra power to the native CRM Document Management capabilities. Scan and/or compose searchable PDF documents from existing images or PDF files and save as attachments or into entity's document location
flagOCR for 56 languages flagBarcode recognition flagSupport for CRM 2011/ 2013 / 2015 / 2016, on-premises and Online.
Converts scanned PDF files, Word documents, faxes and images stored in a SharePoint library into a searchable PDF.
flagOCR (Optical Character Recognition) for more than 50 languages
flagAuto-conversion libraries
flagMerge documents
flagManual conversion
SendMail for SharePoint is a useful tool for sending documents by email as attachments or hyperlinks from SharePoint libraries.